We offer school programmes adapted to all grade levels. Learn about democracy, freedom and the rule of law, and delve into stories from the occupation of Norway in 1940-1945. Entrance fee for school students is NOK 80 per student. Guided tours for school classes with an internal guide cost NOK 1500 per class (up to 30 pupils). The price for a guided tour with artistic director Vebjørn Sand is available on request. For more information, send a non-binding email to booking@roseslottet.no.

Roseslottet has its own educational programme for school classes who wish to visit the art park - with or without a guided tour. We have now also developed a digital school program, an app that can be used as a great tool during the visit.

Preparatory work

In the preparatory work, the pupils are encouraged to investigate the Second World War in their local environment and talk a little generally about the war, democracy and totalitarian forces. It is also encouraged to create something artistically themed to the Second World War that can be delivered to Roseslottet. 

At Roseslottet - Tour and digital school programme

We have developed a digital school program school classes can solve in our art installation. This can be done in our app "Roseslottet". The tasks are about the Second World War and are based on the stories that are conveyed in some of the 280 works of art in the Rose Castle. 

The students can either map the park themselves via the app - and then solve the tasks in groups or combine the school program with an enriching tour in advance that prepares the students for the tasks in the app. 

In a tour, the students learn about Norway during the occupation and how democracy, the rule of law and humanism were put out of action during the dictatorship. They will get to know some of the victims of the Nazi ideology and people who fought for the values of freedom.

In Roseslottet, students will leave knowledgeable about what we must never forget - and be aware of our human rights and our shared responsibility as the guardians of democracy. 

The only thing students need to do in advance to solve our digital school program is to download our app: "Roseslottet". You do not need the internet to carry out the tasks in the park.

Preparation for teaching: Download the app, press the button at the top right, then on "school program" - there you can read about the school program.

Practical information

School classes should calculate about 2.5 hours with us for the guided tour + school programme. It is possible to eat your packed lunch in the Rose Castle. We have chairs and tables in the park for this. It is very convenient to take the subway to us. Line 1, last stop, "Frognerseteren", is right at our entrance. The trip takes about 35 minutes from central Oslo. Alternatively, buses or cars can be parked in the car park at Øvresetertjern, about 300 metres from the Roseslottet entrance. 

Our school program can run all year round in four seasons. Everything takes place outdoors, so it is important to tell the students to dress well. 

If you want more information, send an email to: