Little Kjell

The owl from Athens

Lille Kjell is an owl kid ... but if you ask him he'll answer: I'm an astronomer! He was hatched a starry night in the Temple of the Parthenon on Mount Acropolis - in the city of Athens. Here he has listened to conversations in all the languages ​​of the earth, which is why he feels like a world citizen. Lille Kjell is endlessly curious and constantly on the move to study constellations. He prefers to travel by boat or train in a spacious suitcase. Here he has what he needs most: a comforter, a pillow and a telescope. At night, the owl kid lies in his suitcase and looks at the stars, then he feels both safe and free…

Lille Kjell is currently traveling to the Northern Cape to study the North Pole of the sky and the constellation of Ursa Minor with the North Star or Stella Polaris. On the way north, the owl kid has stopped in the Rose Castle to investigate the big star that has landed there. It's not often Lille Kjell has the opportunity to look at stars so closely ... yes, even a star he can study from the inside!

I antikken var kirkeuglen, Athene noctua, et symbol på visdom og evnen til å se i mørket. Den er assosiert med gudinnen Athene og byen Athen. Sølvmynten tetradrakme fra antikkens Hellas, viste på fremsiden hodet til gudinnen Athene og på baksiden en kirkeugle med en olivengren. Ja, i den grad var den lille uglen forbundet med byen Athen, at uttrykket «Å bringe ugler til Athen»  ble en talemåte som betyr det samme som «Å gå over bekken etter vann.»