Little Kjell is a young owl... But if you ask him, he will answer: I am an astronomer!

He was hatched on a starry night in The Temple of The Parthenon on the Acropolis – in the city of Athens. Here he has listened to conversations in all the languages of the earth, which is why he feels like a citizen of the world.

Lille Kjell is the children's companion in Roseslottet. He is endlessly curious and constantly on the move to study constellations. He prefers to travel by boat or train in a spacious suitcase. 

Here he has the most necessary: A duvet, a pillow and a telescope. At night, the baby owl lies in the suitcase and looks at the stars, then he feels both safe and free.

Now Lille Kjell lives in Roseslottet. He peeks out of his temple once every half hour - and is so happy to greet visitors, young and old. 

Little Kjell is currently traveling to the North Cape to study the north pole of heaven and the constellation Little Bear with the North Star or Stella Polaris. Heading north, the owl cub has stopped in the Rose Castle to investigate the great star that has landed there. It's not often Little Kjell has the ability to scrutinize stars up close... yes even a star he can study from the inside!

In ancient times, the church owl, Athena noctua, was a symbol of wisdom and the ability to see in the dark. It is associated with the goddess Athena and the city of Athens. The silver coin tetradrakme from ancient Greece, showed on the front head of the goddess Athena and on the back a church owl with an olive branch.

Yes, to that extent the little owl was associated with the city of Athens, that the phrase "Bringing owls to Athens" became a way of speaking that means the same as "Walking across the creek after water."