A guided tour takes about one hour and 10 minutes. There can be a maximum of 25 participants in a group. A tour with one of our guides costs NOK 3,000. A guided tour with the artistic director can also be ordered - price is given on request. Send your inquiry to booking@roseslottet.no

Guided tour with the artistic director

You can now book a tour with the artists behind Roseslottet. Vebjørn Sand is artistically responsible together with Eimund Sand. Vebjørn talks about how he works as a project creator, about the meetings with the time witnesses, and about how he has interpreted known and unknown scenes from the war in Norway. Roseslottet is primarily an artistic tribute to democracy. Vebjørn shows how the values of freedom that we lost during the occupation are brought forward by using new and monumental measures.

Guided tour with our amazing guides

Experience the Rose Castle with one of our fantastic guides. Over the course of one hour and 10 minutes, the group is led along the 250-metre-long spiral road and gets an insight into the most central paintings and installations in the Rose Castle. Here you get to know well-known and lesser-known stories from the war, the universal values that were lost and the value basis of the Rose Castle. Tours can be booked throughout the year. 


Tour for which you can buy single tickets

Individual tours are also set up at set times for which individual tickets can be purchased. Both ordinary tours and tours with thematic content.
See the event calendar and buy tickets by clicking here.