07_Kjell Grandhagen

«Maleri: Vebjørn Sand»


Kjell Grandhagen (born on 7 October 1954, Oslo – died on 3 May 2019, Lørenskog) was the mentor for Rose Castle 2020. He was a Lieutenant General in the Norwegian Army and head of the Norwegian Intelligence Service from 2010 to 2016. Grandhagen graduated from the Infantry Of-ficer Training School in 1974. In 1978, he graduated from the Norwegian Military Academy. Grandhagen studied at the Army Staff School and École supérieure de guerre inter-armées in Paris. In Norway, he served in Northern Norway in the Northern Brigade, 6th Division and in District Command North Norway. He served as head of the 6th Division, Hærens Styrker and the Norwegian Military Academy. He has headed the Press and Information Department in the Norwegian High Command, and acted as military Deputy Secretary General in the Ministry of Defence. He was appointed head of the Norwegian Intelligence Service by Council of State on 21 August 2009, a position he held until early 2016, when he was replaced by Morten Haga Lunde. Grandhagen served abroad in the Multinational Force and Observers in Egypt and in the Nordic-Polish Brigade in SFOR in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where he was first appointed Chief of Staff and then Commander.

Below is the text of Kjell’s speech, which he read at the launch of Rose Castle on 9 April this year. It was his last public appearance. The main points of this speech will be reproduced beside the painting of him by Vebjørn. The portrait of Kjell will be on display in Rose Castle.